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Feb 12

Obama Sweeps The Potomac!

This comes as no surprise, but Obama has taken Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC, and it wasn’t even close. This puts his total wins up to 23 (to Hillary’s 11). The big news tonight is that in Virginia and Maryland Obama won Latinos, Women, and the working class, once again proving the Clinton spin all wrong, and showing her that there is no demographic he can’t dominate…aside from little old ladies perhaps. Oh wait, he apparently won the majority of people 65+ in Maryland. Uh-Oh Hillary.

Meanwhile Hillary is celebrating her 8th defeat in a row in Texas, which has become her new home, her, Alamo, as I’m sure it will come to be known as. She has all but abandoned Wisconsin and Hawaii, and one can assume Rhode Island and Vermont, choosing to somehow make a comeback from a 10 losses in a row with winning two and losing two…yes…that is her strategy…you can’t make this kinda shit up. And then what comes next after her heroic “comeback”?

Long view: Wyoming (Obama), Mississippi (Obama), Pennsylvania (Dunno), Guam (Obama?), Indiana (I’m assuming Obama), North Carolina (Obama), West Virginia (Obama), Montana (Obama), South Dakota (Obama), Puerto Rico (Dunno). Verdict: There is no way in hell Hillary can win this. By the time this is over, you will probably be able to add Michigan and Florida as is (more on this tomorrow) and she still won’t even come close to beating him. And the superdelegates aren’t going to save her, and if they were to try, all hell would break loose.

But for now, we enjoy our present victory, and remain on point, because if nothing else, the Clintons are like political cockroaches, they are almost impossible to get rid of, so expect more dirty tricks, more attack ads, more lies, more crying, more whining, more excuses, more finger pointing…more of the same. They will certainly try to stage a superdelegate coup, but no one will show up.

Update: It also looks like Donna Edwards (the new D-MD for the 4th district) is kicking the crap out of Al Wynn, thanks to a big bump from progressive Obama supporters! See? He is already changing the country! Anyway, kudos Donna for helping us kick out a Democrat who was getting a little too moldy.

Update #2: It also looks like Hillary is going to continue to show how petty she is by once again not having the decency to congratulate Obama on his victory, yet again. She would rather dismiss that the voters of these states actually held a vote, not acknowledging them, not even acknowledging upcoming races that she doesn’t think she will win, because even saying “Congratulations to Senator Obama” would be recognizing too much reality. This should come as no surprise however, given that Hillary has quite the track record of refusing to apologize or admit errors, just like another president in recent (current) memory. Listen Hillary, I know you must be so angry that your throne which you thought was your inheritance is slipping from your grasp, but this doesn’t mean you have to be childish about it, or dismissive of the voters who don’t agree with you. Obama has never done that, he is always nice and doesn’t make excuses, why can’t you rise to that level Hillary?

Update #3: Here is the official excuse for losing these three: “My husband lost Maryland when he was running in the primaries.” Thank you for that.